Middle School is Not a Building

“Middle School Is Not A Building” was designed to inform and guide all stakeholders dedicated to making education relevant and successful for all of Vermont’s 10-15 year olds. Based on Vermont and National data, Vermont’s Middle Grades Task Force created ten research based goals to support the educational needs of young adolescents.

Clearly aligned with the concepts embodied in our Transformation of Education efforts, and inspired by “High Schools on the Move” the document provides a roadmap that can be immediately helpful to educators at all levels. “Middle School Is Not a Building” is a resource that will help all of Vermont’s educators envision and implement an educational system that truly responds to the diverse learning needs of Vermont’s learners.

Middle School Is Not a Building, provides every school regardless of the grade configuration with the necessary information for change. Included in the document is a matrix that provides a roadmap for assessing your school’s status with regard to ten identified goals. The publication was originally created in 2009 by a representative group of Vermont middle level educators, guided by the Middle Grades Collaborative and VAMLE. In 2019-2020, a group of constituents met with VAMLE Board members to update the document.