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    Middle Level Education is now directed at the Vermont Department of Education by Karin Edwards who leads the Integrated Support for Learning (PK-Middle) Services. For information about middle level schools or programs in VT please contact: 802-828-1622.
    NMSA http://www.nmsa.org
    The NMSA site has research and articles available on all topics of middle level education , as well as publications for parents and teachers - just a click away.  To be up-to-date on pending legislation effecting middle level education, please see The Success in the Middle Act of 2011 (H.R. 1547/S. 833)
    posted on this website at Advocay/MessagesfromNMSA/SuccessintheMiddleAct
    NELMS http://www.nelms.org | NELMS Calendar of Events http://nelms.org/calendar.html
    The NELMS website is a valuable resource for educators, providing most recent issues of the Journal, an extensive calendar of NELMS sponsored events, resources including books available for ordering, and pertinent information for parents.
    Vermont Principals Association http://www.vpaonline.org
    Middle Level Education Websites National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform
    The National Forum to Accelerate Middle-Grades Reform is an alliance of over 60 educators, researchers, national associations, and officers of professional organizations and foundations. http://www.mgforum.org

    MiddleWeb provides a wealth of resources forschools, districts, educators, parents, and public school advocates working to raise achievement for all students in the middle grades.
    MiddleWeb was established in 1996. http://www.middleweb.com
    Maine Association for Middle Level Education
    Helpful resources from our friends in Maine. http://www.mamleonline.org
    Maine's middle level report is complete and posted on the NEWLY developed Middle Level website at the Department. Please check it out and share with whomever you'd like. http://www.maine.gov/education/ml/

    Teachers As Inquirers:
    Strategies for Learning With and About Young Adolescents - http://vamle.org/pdf/teachers_inquirers.pdf

    What Works in Middle-Grades School Reform
    By Joan Lipsitz, Anthony W. Jackson, and Leah Meyer Austin, Kappan

    The Project on High Performance Learning Communities:
    Applying the Land-Grant Model to School Reform By Robert D. Felner, Deborah Kasak, Peter Mulhall, and Nancy Flowers. The authors describe the evolution of the Project on High Performance Learning http://www.pdkintl.org/kappan/k_v78/k9703fel.htm

    The Impact of School Reform for the Middle Years:
    Longitudinal Study of a Network Engaged in Turning Points-Based Comprehensive School Transformation By Robert D. Felner, Anthony W. Jackson, Deborah Kasak, Peter Mulhall, Steven Brand, and Nancy Flowers. The authors discuss research findings that strongly support the view that high-quality schooling, http://www.pdkintl.org/kappan/k_v78/k9703fe2.htm

    The Five-Foot Bookshelf: Readings on Middle-Level Education and Reform
    By Susan Rosenzweig. A bibliography from 1997... http://www.pdkintl.org/kappan/k_v78/k9703ros.htm

    Speaking with One Voice: A Manifesto for Middle-Grades Reform By Joan Lipsitz, M. Hayes Mizell, Anthony W.Jackson, Leah Meyer Austin... http://www.pdkintl.org/kappan/k_v78/k9703man.htm

    “Our children and their education deserve to be our highest priority." - - - - - - - Marguerite Kondracke
    With more than 300 national partner organizations and their local affiliates, the Alliance is uniquely positioned to mobilize Americans to act. Through hands-on, multi-sector collaboration, we are changing the way organizations do business, and magnifying their power to make a sustainable difference for young people. Our work involves raising awareness, encouraging action and engaging in advocacy to provide children the key supports we call the Five Promises: Click here to view