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A web site for all teachers, administrators and parents of 10 – 15 year olds in Vermont.
Providing services and support – your voice for middle level education –
making the work with all 10 – 15 year olds a priority.


Vermont’s Young Adolescents

VAMLE’s mission is to inform and guide all stakeholders dedicated to making education relevant and successful for Vermont’s 10-14 year olds. Middle level educators recognize that young adolescents are in transition between childhood and adolescence, and require programs and practices built on their specific needs.

Middle School Is Not a Building, provides every school regardless of the grade configuration with the necessary information for change. Included in the document is a matrix that is a Vermont roadmap for school success. This publication was created by a representative group of Vermont middle level educators, guided by the Middle Grades Collaborative, and identifies ten research-based goals.

As the original document was created in 2009, it is in the process of being updated in 2018-2020. The present document is available to member schools for use in published form, and will soon be available in an integrated digital framework.

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